Have you tested positive for COVID-19 in the past few days?

We need your help! Join the TriACT Study and help find a treatment for early COVID-19 that rapidly lowers virus levels, reduces symptoms, and keeps you out of the hospital.


What is the TriACT Study?

The TriACT Study at Rutgers University is testing a combination of medications currently used to treat other diseases to see if they are safe and effective at reducing virus levels and improving symptoms. Finding an oral treatment that people can take at home early in the disease course is critical to reducing viral spread, protecting our family members, and preventing serious sickness and death.

Eligible Participants will receive:

  • Potential access to the study drug therapy

  • Infrared thermometer and pulse oximeter

  • Study-related health assessments and follow-up by the team at Rutgers

  • Compensation for your time may be provided

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What is the TriACT Study designed to show?

The TriACT Study is designed to show whether the three drug TriACT combination reduces both virus levels and symptoms relative to placebo (sugar pills). Participants will be randomized to receive either TriACT or placebo pills in a blinded fashion. Participants will provide virus samples (nasal swabs) and symptoms from the convenience of their homes, reducing the need to travel to the study site.